Blaine’s got the personality of a dork who accidentally grew up handsome but doesn’t know it yet.

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Darren Criss at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards


magsrphelp asked: marshall or ted?
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Day 3: Favorite main character:
                                                          Marshall Eriksen!♥

How can someone not love him! His funny, sweet, goofy, emotional, loveable, caring, adorable, handsome, the best father, and cuddling :3 (so deal with it, bitch!)…I just love how he cares and loves Lily and not to mention how much he loves their children so much. I believe he is this way because of the relationship he had with his father, even after passing away, every single time I re-watch that episode I die a little and I cry sooo much. And all those fish jokes! Lol they just kill me every time xD…”what do you call a fish with no ◉︵◉ (eyes)? FSH!!!!

30 Days of Sara Bareilles - Day 21: Favorite Music Video (challenge created by s-bareilles/thehorizonisallwehave)

Gonna Get Over You - Sara Bareilles

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The Little Black Dress Tour (x)

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Title: UnknownChandelier (Cover)
Artist: UnknownSara Bareilles
Album: Unknown
Played: 16708 times


HAVE YOU HEARD Sara Bareilles’s cover of Sia’s Chandelier, because it is goddamn AMAZING.

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